Beginnings. You have to start somewhere right? I have never written a business plan before and I’ll be honest, I’m nervous to make one. Time to bite the bullet and just start. I have decided that I really couldn’t care if I don’t get it totally right the first time. How am I ever going to get it right if I don’t make a start? Just put pen to paper and start writing…sounds easy enough. Well after three hours of sitting in front of my computer I can say that it isn’t easy at all, but I’m making my way through it. Sure I don’t have all the answers right now and I’m writing a whole bunch of TBA’s right now in some areas of the plan but I’m also finding out that unless I started writing my business plan I would have missed so much that I never even thought of. I am mentally done for the night but I feel that is ok. Time to put the feet up for the rest of the night (and maybe a sneaky whiskey).


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