What matters?

Wow, I have had so much coffee in the past couple of weeks. I have been visiting as many cafes, coffee carts, mobile coffee businesses and specialty coffee shops as I can and I can honestly say we have an absolutely huge range of coffee options out there for people to choose from. 

It has been an adventure through every sip, through the aroma of every cup, and through the very experience I have had. Every single one has been different. What I have noticed is that although a cafe may not have the best coffee (in my opinion), that doesn’t directly relate to the amount of business that comes through its doors. I always personally look for a experience when I take the time to go to a cafe and order a coffee, from the initial greeting to placing my order and how my coffee is presented to me. This greatly varies from place to place. I have had way better experiences from a coffee van parked on the side of the road than high end fancy cafes.

What truly matters when opening up a business? Is having the best product, offering the best experience, being passionate at every point of your business, or is it to just open the doors and try to capture as many sales as possible? I know there is a balance somewhere in between, I just need to find what that is. Looks like there is much more research needed, one cup at a time. 


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