What is important in hiring employees?

It always amazes me the way companies and people look for their new employees. So many employers today require a university degree, but they don’t stipulate a specific degree, just that you have one. I understand some of that logic, they’re looking for someone who is dedicated enough to put themselves through a trial to determine their worth. I still raise an eyebrow though at how a degree in a field that has no relation to the role in question is a bonus. So many companies are looking for a minimum of two years plus experience in the role before you can apply? Really? You want to eliminate the possibility of gaining an amazing team member just because they have never done a specific task before? Great, you can hire someone with the basic principles of what you are looking for, but what if that is it? Maybe the best person for the role is a self driven, passionate, caring, detailed, and open minded individual that could pick up the basics in a heartbeat and bring way more to your company than just basics. I for one will be looking at what is not on a person’s resume. 


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