Have a serious thought about saying yes more often. How many times in your life have you limited yourself, or maybe just didn’t give yourself an opportunity because you said no? I get it, life is busy, hard, fast paced, hectic, stressful….you get the picture. 

What if you said yes a few more times? Saying yes doesn’t have to mean you have to do exactly what is asked of you. What if you said yes, but what about changing this or that? Yes, I can do that but have you thought about x, y, or z? We have multiple different opportunities that are presented to us throughout our lives that so many people are so quick to reject. 

Next time someone offers you an idea, an opportunity or even a different way to look at something, try saying yes and see where that can lead you.


What is important in hiring employees?

It always amazes me the way companies and people look for their new employees. So many employers today require a university degree, but they don’t stipulate a specific degree, just that you have one. I understand some of that logic, they’re looking for someone who is dedicated enough to put themselves through a trial to determine their worth. I still raise an eyebrow though at how a degree in a field that has no relation to the role in question is a bonus. So many companies are looking for a minimum of two years plus experience in the role before you can apply? Really? You want to eliminate the possibility of gaining an amazing team member just because they have never done a specific task before? Great, you can hire someone with the basic principles of what you are looking for, but what if that is it? Maybe the best person for the role is a self driven, passionate, caring, detailed, and open minded individual that could pick up the basics in a heartbeat and bring way more to your company than just basics. I for one will be looking at what is not on a person’s resume. 

What matters?

Wow, I have had so much coffee in the past couple of weeks. I have been visiting as many cafes, coffee carts, mobile coffee businesses and specialty coffee shops as I can and I can honestly say we have an absolutely huge range of coffee options out there for people to choose from. 

It has been an adventure through every sip, through the aroma of every cup, and through the very experience I have had. Every single one has been different. What I have noticed is that although a cafe may not have the best coffee (in my opinion), that doesn’t directly relate to the amount of business that comes through its doors. I always personally look for a experience when I take the time to go to a cafe and order a coffee, from the initial greeting to placing my order and how my coffee is presented to me. This greatly varies from place to place. I have had way better experiences from a coffee van parked on the side of the road than high end fancy cafes.

What truly matters when opening up a business? Is having the best product, offering the best experience, being passionate at every point of your business, or is it to just open the doors and try to capture as many sales as possible? I know there is a balance somewhere in between, I just need to find what that is. Looks like there is much more research needed, one cup at a time. 


Beginnings. You have to start somewhere right? I have never written a business plan before and I’ll be honest, I’m nervous to make one. Time to bite the bullet and just start. I have decided that I really couldn’t care if I don’t get it totally right the first time. How am I ever going to get it right if I don’t make a start? Just put pen to paper and start writing…sounds easy enough. Well after three hours of sitting in front of my computer I can say that it isn’t easy at all, but I’m making my way through it. Sure I don’t have all the answers right now and I’m writing a whole bunch of TBA’s right now in some areas of the plan but I’m also finding out that unless I started writing my business plan I would have missed so much that I never even thought of. I am mentally done for the night but I feel that is ok. Time to put the feet up for the rest of the night (and maybe a sneaky whiskey).

Discussions over coffee

Friday. The best day of the week right? The weekend is right around the corner and the drudgery of the long work week is coming to an end. This particular Friday was starting as any other until a friend gave me a call to arrange to meet for lunch. One boring meeting at the office and a couple customer calls later noon rolled around and I met up with Dan.

I always enjoy talking with Dan, we have a lot in common. We are both in sales, married with kids, have a keen business sense and we both want to continually better ourselves. I have always been inspired by Dan’s passion and drive in what ever he does, and I take a lot away from our discussions. Well enough about Dan, let me talk about me haha.

I have been struggling in my career lately, not with the role itself, but I have lost almost all my passion. The funny thing is though, I haven’t been in this role for long, less than a year even, and I’m over it. I have been in sales now for over 20 years now and I really love the interaction with people but I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, working for somewhere that I feel like I’m not making a difference, to myself or anyone else for that matter. Sure, I make a decent wage and the people I work with are great, but I’m not happy. I have been wanting to step out, create something for myself, take life into my own hands and really step out of my comfort zone. The thing is though, it scares the absolute crap out of me. I mean I have a family, I am quote on quote “the main bread winner” and I don’t want to let my family down. What if I don’t make enough money, what if I don’t even like what I’m doing, what if I fail? What if I succeed?

I have been looking into something slowly, very slowly, my own business. Dan and I had a conversation this afternoon around what I have looked into so far, what some possible next steps could be, barista training companies and set up possibilities. It was great to be able to talk to someone about it from an outside perspective. Dan is also looking to take the next step in his own business but is only in the infant stages as well. We have decided to meet every two weeks moving forward to continue our conversation, to keep each other on track and to of course enjoy each other’s company over a great cup of coffee.